Saturday, 24 October 2009

A New Take on the Peter Griffin Show

I was out drinking with some Jamaican mates yesterday afternoon, and one of them broached the Nick Griffin subject.

"Did you see that Nick Griffin thing last night? Fucking disgrace, man!"

"How you mean?" I said.

"They never gave the poor bastard a chance - man, I was looking forward to finding out what these people stand for."

So well done the BBC and the Righteous - if my experience is anything to go by your ill-judged and ill-conceived mugging of that other monocular moron has just gained him sympathy from the West Indian community.

We need to debate with the BNP, but not at the level of personal attacks in a lynch mob atmosphere against the inadequate twat that leads them. We need to agree when they are right, and to not only destroy their argument but also to laugh at them loudly when they are wrong. That's one way to defeat fascists - the only other way is the UAF way and my views on life would not sit happily there.

There - I've said my piece. I'm just horrified but not surprised that the way Griffin was handled has backfired so far - only the two ladies treated him with any dignity, so Fuck You, Straw, Huhne and Mr Partisan Dimblebollocks, and thanks for the unfair and personalised attacks that make a fascist get sympathy from West Indians you utter, utter cunts.

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