Monday, 31 August 2009

Talk to the Taliban

With the new policy of McMental being to engage in conversations with the terrorists who murder our troops, I offer this small revision of the Dr Doolittle song, updated to reflect the wisdom of our absent Leader.

If we could talk to the Taliban, just imagine it
Gabbling to a goatherder in goat
Imagine prattling to a pashtun, waffling at a wifebeater
What a waste of our time that would be

If we could talk to the Taliban, learn their languages
Maybe take a Taliban degree
We'd study wifebeating and murder, opium and burqah
Bribery, corruption and Kharzi

We would converse in hatred and in ignorance
And we would curse our future prospects too
If people asked us 'can you speak to terrorists'
We'd say 'We're New Labour, can't you?'

If we could talk to the Taliban, learn their languages
Think of all the things we could discuss
If we could walk with the Taliban, talk with the Taliban
Lie and cheat and murder like the Taliban
And they would lie and cheat and murder us.

The one eyed scottish idiot really has no idea, does he - we should be fighting the Taliban and their allies in Burnley, Bradford, Leeds, Luton, Oldham, Birmingham - in fact wherever they are in our country. But he won't do that because he wants the Taliban block vote for New Liebour - he's hoping that more than 150 of the buggers will turn out to vote for him and his dhimmi friends.


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